Please give that to me.

Be more careful next time.


We need a forward-looking leader to make this country great again.

They were well-trained and well-supplied.

Murph asked Amanda if she ate pork.

This is a plant unique to this country.

We must think of something else.

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I want to become a diplomat.

When I was young, I was more agile.

I don't know how long it takes to get to Boston from here.

They rented a house.

I can take them home.

Kriton put his hand out to stop Melinda.

This turkey will serve five.

Competence and performance are two different things.

Oregon is just south of Washington.

We have four bedrooms upstairs.

If Nichael breaks his promise, he'll regret it.


I think she will come back soon.

Let's celebrate.

You speak like your mother.


I never win any arguments.

I dedicate this song to you.

The only way to lose weight is to create a caloric deficit by burning more calories than you eat.

You can stay here as long as you keep quiet.

Maybe I should just be talking to Vijay.

Don't follow the fashion.

That's torn it!


Do you want me to start again?


Nichael is a songwriter.


I don't get enough challenge in this job.

I actually appreciate that.

Ralph did better than I expected.

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Mike earns no less than three hundred dollars a day.

It's very big.

I think you're lazy.


Don't leave the bathroom in such a mess.

Lorien seems a little distracted.

My parents had me go there.

Could you come up here, please?

A police station is close at hand.

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She asked him how to turn on the machine.

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Root rattled the door handle.

If it had not been for civil war, they would be wealthy now.

You're the only one missing for this movie.


I must have been out of my mind.

I'll have to speak to my boss about that.

He had no other resource but to run away.


Loyd plays with toys that are more sophisticated than what Anne plays with.

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Rajeev can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than 30 seconds.

Bucky has beautiful blue eyes.

Give me all of it.

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Gypsy said that he thought that it might rain.

Dory didn't know how to ask Nigel to leave without hurting her feelings.

We elected him our leader.

Do you want another one of these?

The end does not always justify the means.

I am to have lunch with him.

Don't give away all your secrets.


Whatever you did was by you done.

Jackye jumped into the freezing water.

This sentence consists of seven words.

I am grilling fish.

He courted disaster by reckless driving.

He reached for an English-Japanese dictionary on the desk.

I can't wait to leave.


You didn't think I let you down, did you?

Have they seen us?

Somebody killed him.


They allotted the profits fairly.

He is very close about his work.

Dale wanted to cancel the fundraiser.


I'll try to be nicer.

You must let me help.

If he had not worked hard, he would have failed the examination.


She's only had two boyfriends.

His anger was such that he lost control of himself.

It could be true.

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Consider yourself lucky.

It's not going to work, you know.

My contemporaries are, working, shopping, out and about, all the time.

The kidnappers tied my hands behind my back.

It's up to you to decide the matter.

Sridhar wants you to do it for him.

Suu must've worked very hard.


She arrested the thief.

We have enough on our plate at the office.

Cameroon is called "Cameroun" in French.

It's very fun.

Herve moved to Boston to become a nurse.

We're doing the very best we can.

Rolfe gave Adrian a romantic kiss.

Julian seems unenthusiastic.

Alexander isn't going to tell us anything.

Jonathan is trying very hard to quit smoking.

I just don't feel safe here anymore.


Daryl hasn't said anything to me.

I already knew that.

Use your charm.

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Anthony shot Stephanie's dog.

They were at the airport to say goodbye to him.

A king's daughter is a princess.

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Don't misunderstand my words.

Suddenly a man appeared, grabbed my suitcase and ran away.

What happened? You look pale.

I saw her blink.

My mother's friends are my friends.

Ron was abandoned by his parents.

First come, first served! See you all then.


I sprinted away from the camp.

I just sat there looking at Torsten.

She was sentenced to death in absentia.

She didn't know she had married a monster.

He bought many books at the bookstore.

They bathed in the torrent.

I don't think I've ever been this close to falling in love.

I knocked a glass off the table.

No one is more dangerous than a fool with a large vocabulary.

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Have you ever wrung sweat out of your clothes?


As soon as I can figure out how to send money, I'll send you some.

Where did you leave them?

You should have told me that yesterday!

It's one o'clock.

It scares the shit out of me.

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The girl danced in a way that brought joy to the audience.


You've got a strong will.


They turned around.

Jesper's parents locked him in the cellar.

Myrick asked Cole why she'd been so glum lately.

Have you ever travelled alone?

Les was the one who taught me to swear.


Well, you can't.

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You were playing.

Two boys came running out of the room.

I really need to get a Samsung Galaxy.


I understand Renu's frustration.

Everyone was numb.

I don't think this armchair is comfortable.

I got a B in physics.

Did you and Joan have a fight?

I am picking apples.

Isn't talking about dreams boring?


You know where Bjorne is.

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She dodged the kiss.

She also likes chocolate.

I thought it must be something like that.

Could you tell me who did this?

We saw the tower in the distance.

Stay here with them.

The ship dropped anchor.


When I got out of jail, I wanted to patch up things with my wife.


The truth is, I want to be a writer.

That's a really good painting.

Let us suppose she is here.

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The moment I held the baby in my arms, it began to cry.

John felt like there were ghosts in the dark room.

We need all the information we can get.


Thank you very much for the answer, it inspires new hope.

When the milk turns sour, I'm not the kind of pussy to drink it.

The strange sound raised her from her bed.